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I can’t be the only one who loves the grocery store. I mean… it’s organized, it’s clean, it’s perfect. I definitely get my love of grocery shopping from my Dad. I think I just love shopping in general. And I love food. So shopping for food is naturally one of my favorite pastimes! When I lived in Downtown Houston, there were some local markets I liked but one of them topped them all. Sprouts. Yes, I do have favorites and I’m not ashamed of it! Not all grocery stores are created equal, people!

When I moved to Greenville, one of the hardest things was having to readjust to new surroundings and routine. When I realized there was no Sprouts Market in Greenville, my heart sank a little. How would I survive without my favorite local market? I’ve spent years getting my grocery list and shopping strategy down to a science! WHAT IS MY WORLD COMING TO! But… Worry not, my Greenville friends. I have the best news EVER for you and me…




Yes! This may not be a big deal for everyone but it is for me! What I love about Sprouts is that I can trust where my food is coming from and I believe in the quality.  Sprouts is a healthy grocery store offering fresh, natural and organic foods but at great prices that won’t kill my bank account. Eating healthy shouldn’t’ be annoying or overly priced but an everyday part of our routine. About 90% of Sprouts 18,000 products are ORGANIC or natural! HALLELUJAH! Also I pick up all my vitamins from Sprouts for my whole family, Their cutting-edge assortment features items with sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients – plus the staff is always so friendly and helps me in any area I need more information on! Safe to say, I’m very excited and grateful Sprouts is coming to Greenville in the Simpsonville area with their 300th location!  

You guys, so many of you ask me to share my favorite recipes and this will be coming soon! I want to share more on how to eat organically, as natural as possible and sustainably. Cooking at home is so much better for your body and budget, and I’m so happy I get to shop at my favorite store again to prepare amazing meals for my family weekly! Get ready for so much more information on healthy lifestyle habits! But for now, get excited for Sprouts!

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