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Wellllll howdy there! Yes! I’m alive! No! I haven’t abandoned this sweet little blog although I know it seems like it! I’m sorry! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years were crazy and super busy for us… (Ok ok, yes I spent most of my time eating pie.) But we were traveling and spending QT with family and friends. But I miss YOU FRIENDS! You guys, life update… After flying home from New York on January 3rd, we got up the next day and headed down a very new road. We started two new jobs at an incredible church here in Houston! For some reason, we have offices which I think is HILARIOUS because I feel like a lawyer with a desk. But we get to serve under an amazing youth pastor, and serve the vision of senior pastor’s that planted this church 2o years ago. It’s so insane for us, it feels like the first day of school. Everyone is new, everyone is so experienced and we’re literally just trying to take it all in! It brings up this subject of “goals” to me… A term we’ve all coined recently to comment under photos of things we wish we had and were. But how many of those “goals” do we actually make an effort towards? On the flip side of that, how many of these “goals” are things we envy? Or things we pressure ourselves to reach and then beat ourselves up about when we can’t reach it right away. Starting this new job, I find myself scrutinizing every move I make. Every time I feel like I didn’t connect with a student the way I wanted to, every time I see someone texting during a message I’m preaching, every time I interview a volunteer and walk away wishing I did a better job. It’s a never ending cycle of rubbing against the sandpaper of my “goals”… But the real question is how do we try to do our best and be teachable without punishing ourself for every misstep? How do we keep our goals from turning into a land-mines of perfection that end up hurting us later?

There are a million things about our inner selves and outer selves that we can point out to change. Every year we make resolutions to lose weight, get healthy, cook more, sleep more. But then in-n-out starts calling your name. (man, that sounds so good rn). What if one of our goals this year was to find the really really really good things – the positive things, the things that set us apart – and focussed on them. Yo, like have some grace for yourself today. Just like I want to be the best at my job, you want to be the best wife or girlfriend or daughter or friend ever, or you want to have the best grades and make every winning shot every game. There’s no way to accomplish every instagram goal we see every day. But set mini goals for the day. Have grace for yourself for the day. Take heart in the fact you’re doing your very best. If we spend all of our time beating ourselves up over things that have already happened – there’s no growth there. When you give every desire and trial to Him, He gives you your place in the sun in His timing. He teaches you, He stretches you, He places you in ways we don’t have the capacity to do by ourselves. Keep your soul healthy by placing your stare on the strengths God has given you. My strength may not be your strength! But we can learn from each other, give to each other.

I know life can be overwhelming. My to-do list is currently two pages long. Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in work with no time to play, but these are the moments when we have to shut the door, close our eyes and say “God, I look to you. I won’t be overwhelmed. Give me vision to see things like you do.” Take life one step at a time and know there’s grace for you today. For your to-do list, for your homework, for your #goals. Take a breath. And know you have a beautiful and inspired life – find the beauty and be thankful for it all! I promise you’ll conquer this week with joy!


Love you guys! x Mariah



Julia myron


Hey.. first of finally. Glad you are back. actually my new year’s resolution is to be easy on myself and enjoy the journey. For me it is goals and dreams I know God has put in my heart and I feel like I am constantly tryna rush God(if that makes sense). God has been teAching me that He makes all things beautiful in his own time. Thanks for this. Oh and my B-Day is Jan 28 and I will be at you program 🙂

Janaisha Torres


you literally wrote every thought and desire i’ve had for the past month. Amazing



So inspiring. Needed to hear this for the 2017 I’m about to experience. His grace is sufficient ?.




Thanks for the Encouragement!!! May God continue to use you to lift us up.



This is so timely!! I was feeling so down and overwhelmed by everything that’s happening around me.Seemed like I’ve set all of these goals and time is passing me by but I’m getting nowhere. These words were exactly what I needed. Trying to live without God’s help every step of the way is setting yourself up for failure. Lord, we are truly nothing without you. Thank you. Xo



Right on time…



i’m coming to houston this weekend AND next weekend because Tiny’s. let’s go. p.s. I love you.



Well spoken from the heart, siStar. It’s my first time visiting your blog, and I’m grateful for having discovered you. You’re leaving a grace-legacy for a generation that needs the real. Rest. Relinquish. Receive.

Laura-Lee Abrahams


Wow! I am amazed at the maturity of this post, you’re so young but have revelation of receiving grace for each day “give us today our daily bread” I am 30 years old and God dealt with me about this last year. It has been so liberating. Stay tuned in to God Mariah, you’re on the right track! Lots of admiration from South Africa

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