5 Things I’ve Learned From My Mother

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I hope everyone had a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! Mine started at church watching my favorite preacher (Byron, hehe!) speak about the life of Naomi for our Junior High Service, and then we went home and changed into comfies before we headed over to my amazing mama in law’s house where we napped, ate salmon burgers and watched the game. It was a sweet day! I missed my Mama but she was in Pittsburgh with HER Mama which made me really happy. In the spirit of Mother’s Day though, I wanted to share something super dear and important to me! It was SO HARD to narrow it down to 5 things, I could write a whole book about my mom! But I think these things will encourage you too. So without further ado, here are 5 Things I’ve Learned From My Mother.



Guys, this may not be what you were expecting but this is a major key in the Meleasa Houghton playbook. She’s literally been swiping moisturizer on my face since I was a baby and now I moisturize morning, noon and night! She claims that the drugstore stuff is just as good as the Nordstrom stuff. She is the perfect picture of natural radiance and she claims that moisturizing, drinking water and eating candy is why she glows. LOL. So here are some of her favorite moisturizers and where to find them!




My Mom has never been someone to make a show of herself. You can usually find her at a party, in a corner talking to the person no one was talking to. Anyone who knows her personally can attest to that, and I know it. “Come In Low” is a term my mom and dad taught me always growing up. Basically it’s just this idea of humility in every situation you end up in. I’ve watched my mom walk into rooms and change the temperature just with the grace she walks in. She never comes looking for attention, she always comes to the party with the intention to bless others. I really believe that the currency of elevation is honor, and that’s what I’ve watched her do my whole life! Humility, generosity, grace will take you places that self promotion never could.



This is a big one ladies, when you get dressed in the morning and you wanna look bad and boujie: the key is simplicity. Draw the focus of your accessory to two areas. A killer shoe and a killer earring. Or a killer necklace and a statement bag. But never all four at once. This is probably the first thing my mom ever taught me about fashion and I think of it everyday when I get ready for the day!

My mom is pretty much known for her earring game. Here are some Meleasa Inspired Earrings that I KNOW she would wear!


Something that amazes me about Mom is her ability to love other’s even if it inconveniences her schedule. I’ve never seen anyone who would literally stop everything to be there for a friend, a family member or anyone in need. I remember knocking on my mom’s door when I was little, she would be sitting at her vanity with a phone to her ear. I would sit and play and I always noticed that there were times when she would just gently give hums of understanding and sounds of sympathy while the soul on the other line would talk and talk. Towards the end she would give words of encouragement, offer prayers and help find a solution. She’s the best (and might I add free) therapist I know. When I got older she told me “there is so much healing in being heard, that’s what I am for other’s… a listener because Jesus listens to me.” I think that is so cool. She teaches me to find people, opportunities and circumstances that just need a shoulder to cry on, a heart to beat with theirs and a ear to listen.



The final and most recent lesson I’ve learned from my mom  is the most simple. In this season of my life, there is so much new. New job, new marriage, new insecurities, new failures, new victories. Sometimes the change can feel like I’m drowning in waves of unknown. And you know what is hilarious? Anytime I talk to my mom about this, she listens, she waits and then she speaks. Nine times out of ten she’ll bring up a story about someone going through something 10x crazier than what I just told her. What is she doing? She’s not minimizing my pain, but she’s maximizing my perspective to see that maybe something I’m going through can bring someone else the healing that they need. My flesh screams “BUT WHAT ABOUT ME. I AM HURTING, HELLO!” But then I hear Meleasa whisper, “You’re going through this for someone else… That’s what you need to focus on.” Every. Time. She. Is. Right.

God has sent people my way that I know how to encourage because I’ve been where they are. I’ve been rescued and now I can pass on the life raft. Life is messy, life is sticky and life can be blatantly disappointing. But what do you do with the pain? Cover the scars with concealer? No! You show them proudly to show people, I’ve been through it and you can get through it too. I’ve watched my mom do this time and time again. Her vulnerability is unmatched to me. She’s an open book that speaks truth and beauty and dignity. She’s a well of perspective and she has this uncanny ability to challenge you and comfort you at the same time. Every messy room in her life she manages to somehow turn into a hospital for someone else. If you’re reading this on your tiny iPhone, mom… I’m amazed by you. Please write a book or start a podcast or something! I love you, we all love you. Everyday is Mother’s Day to ME!

Xx Mariah






Beautiful! ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing!!!



Mariah i’m blessed all the way from Kenya (Africa) I love all of you people and your mum is amazing. I loved the lessons passed on here especially number 2, 4 and 5.Thanks beautiful

Patricia Henry


What a powerful demonstration of what relationship between mother and daughter is all about. Thank you so much for sharing your heart.

Anna Bodmer


This is great Mariah!! Your mom is one of the sweetest human beings to ever walk this earth.. I have been the quiet one in the corner trying my best to be unseen, just to be pulled onto a couch to talk with her numerous times.. she’s amazing!!



Phenomenal message…. Love you!



You saved the best for last.. Sometimes I feel lost and like my life is just a mess but this really touched me! It came at my time of need! Thank you and may God Grace you with more wisdom.. Xo ?❤



This is beautiful.



Loved this mini autobiography on your mom, invaluable tips and it resonated with me as my mother has given me similar life lessons…thank you for helping me appreciate my mom all over again in an insightful way.

Kerra Slaughter


This made my cry! This was inspring, brilliant and heartwarming. Thank you for this. You have a wise mom who has raised a wise woman. God has a way of making rain into sunshine. This was my sunshine today..



Thank you for sharing this. Greatly inspired. Your mum has a beautiful heart. She loves Jesus so much. Its written all over your page. I would love to read her books one day. Thank you. P.S South Africa

Patty Piatt


How beautiful!!! Your mom and I have known one another since we were 16 and 17 yrs old! I still have that photo that is on this blog! I will always remember the day when your mom called me while she was still in the hospital when she gave birth to you. Your mom is very special to me. Mariah you and I met years ago when you were a little girl. Now you’re a grown woman and a wife! So very hard to believe! Wow how time flies! I’m sure one day we will meet again because you have turned into an absolutely beautiful young woman!



I love this! It’s the first time I’ve read your blog and it really blessed me, thank you. Number 2 ‘Come in Low’ is sound advice and made me really look into myself. God Bless You xx

Nagila Cabral


This is so beautiful and heartfelt! Thanks you for honoring your mom in such a powerful yet delicate way.
“The way you see people is the way you treat them, and the way you treat them is what they become.” —Jon Wolfgang von Goethe



This made me cry sissy? So beautiful! So true! You have the most Amazing mother ❤️

Sue Cannon


Your mom sounds like a true proverb woman , one of great “Wisdom”. Love ❤️



Beautiful? thanks Mariah..



Great blog! Love this…”She’s not minimizing my pain, but she’s maximizing my perspective”… it was a great reminder to lift up my eyes stop looking at my circumstances.

You’re a great writer Mariah!



I aspire to have humility, grace and boldness like your mama. She is one amazing woman. I hope she writes a book, i went through a similar situation in my marriage and ive watched your mum carry herself like the daughter of the King that she is.

#ShesInspiring #Goals



Beautiful message about your mom Mariah, reminds me of my mother also. Continue to honour, love and cherish every moment with your love ones especially your parents.



C’est vraiment très beau. Magnifique ?

Kim Miller


I love this post ! So beautiful !!!



I don’t have a mother but this made me tear up in good way, it was soul good.



Love it!

Lerato Seake


Thank you for being an amazing mom to your kids Meleasa and Maria thank you for sharing! We cherish such to teach to others. God bless you

Yonette Odessa


This mended my oh so broken pieces by reading and being so encouraged by your thoughts. Thank you for being you. I needed you in this very moment ❤️

Shawna Collins


Love this so much!



This is beautiful! You all are blessed to have your Mom. May our Lord
Continue to bless you!

Drew Jackson


This was so encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

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