Grace, Oceans of It

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Just a little something on my mind today… What do you think about when you hear the word “Grace”?

Do you think of your past? Do you think of mistakes? Or do you think of maybe something you need to share with another?I grew up in church, I know the lingo. I read the bible, I know the terms. I sing the hymns, “… amazing grace how sweet the sound….”. But what does Grace actually mean in our everyday lives? You’re tired, you’re exhausted, you’re overwhelmed. Bills are due, bank account is low, relationships go up and down, our bodies are tired… There are so many emotions and things and distractions that happen hour to hour. Can I be honest? When I’m doing laundry and dishes and in the gray crevasses of the mundane, glorious grace is a contrast. Life can become such a show, don’t you think? We try to keep up an appearance of peace so much that our own hearts get strained with chaos and the pressure of what our lives “should” ideally look like. But what should our lives actually be? For me Grace is the awareness that my brokenness doesn’t discount me from His approval. WHAT would happen if we lived  from Grace, not for grace? What would we do if we knew that even if we did fail, grace is the net that scoops us up and props us back to start again? So much of the tedious, regular things in life (that I’m usually using my energy to stress about) become smaller and smaller, and His reality gets bigger and bigger. I’m tired, y’all. Tired of being afraid of messing up, of making mistakes. I lived in such bondage because if I made any kind of mistake it would truly paralyze me. To the point of self hatred and such nauseating, emotional pressure. But g r a c e is a force that not even my biggest mistake or failure can measure up to. No show, no filter, no perception of a “perfect” life could outweigh the reality of Grace being the only reason why I breath. I know I write about perspective a lot and seeing things differently. But Grace is about seeing yourself differently. You were made of grace, by grace, for grace. And the best part of it is that we could never deserve it. We could never earn this grace- so there’s no pressure to try to be perfect enough for it. So keep sailing on the ocean of grace, He’s the wind in your sails, He’s the calm in your storm, He’s the sun light and the moon light. Sail on, friends.

On another, breezier note: lately I’ve been really into dressing for comfort. Not only do I love it but my husband loves it too. I think there’s something so attractive about a woman who knows her worth, who’s comfortable in her skin and also her clothes. I know everyday when I step out that I’m clothed in strength, dignity and grace. I absolutely love this clothing line, Gracemade- because that’s what they’re all about! Check em out.

More outfit details below.


xx Mariah

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Bag, Zara. Shoes, Urban Outftters. Necklace, Anthropologie. Dress, The Gracemade.




I love this message. Grace covers a multitude. It is that which propels us forward and gives us that umph to carry on instead of wallowing in self-doubt and self-pity. It comes with accepting it, embracing it and letting it carry us forward.

Noemi Arvelo


Made my morning♡



Thank you for this! I have a full time hectic job and I become so wrapped in all the stress and emotions. God bless you ❤️



Awesome post



Needed this so so much today sister, thank you. Keep speaking up for the cause of Christ.



omg Mariah this is really good reading this I felt like I was reading it from a page of a book so inspiring I love this going to keep it as a reminder



Yet another beautifully written blog. I seriously can NOT wait for your book(s) to come out. So much wisdom in the words you write. You were made for this. Speaking life, love, encouragement and hope to the lives and hearts of many. World changer making a difference…. love you. Always always always my fav. Muah. Xoxoxo – AJ

Michelle Ana


This hit home for me. And I agree, often times I’m like, ” Well then, what is grace?”, I can completely relate. Love the way you broke it down with ease. xo

Debbie Bergen


Hello Mariah just wanted to say thank you for the blogs . I honesty must say your blogs are very encouraging and speak about myself.
Sincerely Dgberg

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