Baby, You’re A Lightning Bolt

Hey Guys! Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt invisible? No really! Raise it! Now raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to feel invisible! Ha! I’ve been there. But mostly I can relate to the first one. There have been times when I’ve been in a room full of people, a dinner table a mile long or a church gathering where people are “fellowshipping” and I feel so unseen. No, I don’t want to be the life of the party. But there are times when people ask “hey, how are you!” and don’t stick around for the answer. Ever been there? Yeah, I know. Sometimes there are seasons of life sunnier than others. And I know there are times when it feels like people are looking through you more than they’re looking at you. Can I first start off by telling you: You are seen. You are important. You are loved. If you feel like you don’t have any true friends, email me. We’re friends now. Sup.

But seriously, I’ve watched the story of my life unfold and when I look back I can see where I’ve been manipulated by my circumstance. By my fear. By my “invisibility”. I remember times when I felt purposeless, even worthless. Not because I wasn’t getting attention, but because I felt completely without value. I didn’t take time to get to know my Father in Heaven and how He sees me. I didn’t get a chance to understand that I was made by the hands that flung the stars, lit the sun and poured the ocean. Now that I know it, it’s like the clouds part and I can finally see. But even more than knowing I’m seen and loved, something I’m more recently learning is that I am filled with power. Funny to say, huh? Next activity. Say out loud: “I AM FILLED WITH POWER”. Right now, at your desk or at the coffee shop you’re reading this from: say it. Out loud. Believe it or not it’s true! This is one of my favorite reminders of this truth….

“Take a long, hard look. See how great he is—infinite,
greater than anything you could ever imagine or figure out!

He pulls water up out of the sea, distills it, and fills up his rain-   cloud cisterns.
Then the skies open up
and pour out soaking showers on everyone.
Does anyone have the slightest idea how this happens?
How he arranges the clouds, how he speaks in thunder?
Just look at that lightning, his sky-filling light show
illumining the dark depths of the sea!
These are the symbols of his sovereignty,
his generosity, his loving care.
He hurls arrows of light,
taking sure and accurate aim.
The High God roars in the thunder,
angry against evil.” Job 36:26-33.


This verse blows my mind! Especially “Look at that lightning, his sky filling light show illuming the dark depths of the sea. These are the symbols of his sovereignty, his generosity, his loving care. He hurls arrows of light, taking sure and accurate aim.”

I remember a few years ago, in the depths of a wilderness of depression and anxiety. Feeling aimless, purposeless, powerless. I read this verse and immediately felt like God was trying to show me who I am. Illuming the dark depths of the sea. He hurls arrows of light, taking sure and accurate aim.

Follow me here…

I’m feeling surrounded by darkness? “Dark depths of the sea?” Check.

Could that possibly mean that I’m meant to bring light to other’s in this place? Could this mean I’m called to be a light to bring purpose? Is that my purpose? My mind started twirling and running wild with this possibility that even though I felt aimless, when I became aware of the love I come from, He took “sure and accurate aim” with me. I wasn’t hurled or flung from nothingness into more nothingness. I was made on purpose, for a purpose. That fires me up! I believe that Jesus died on a cross, laid in a tomb and then came back to life three days later. I believe that the crazy, almost impossible power it took for that to happen also is inhabiting my body. It sits in my spirit and has nested in my soul. If you’re quiet and introverted like me, it sounds impossible and quite funny to think of yourself filled with the power of God. Surely that is reserved for the confident, bold and brave people who would talk to anyone and do anything. Let me tell you something, quiet or not, brave or not… You are created with so much inside of you. So much of the time we feel like ­if only I had this talent… or if only I had this job… If only I had this confidence… What about if only you put every fear and insecurity into God’s hands? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Do that. Because everything you need to make it happen is already inside of you, just make yourself aware and access it. Open your mouth and command the sea to part. Open up your hands and see what God places there. Open up your mind and let Heaven pour ideas and truths into you. When we live in the awareness of our royalty, you are unstoppable. Because no longer are you trying to just get by, but you know there is Someone making a way for you, guiding you and protecting you. He’s giving you ideas and providing the energy, resource and confidence to see your dreams come into fruition. Turn someday into today, because you have the authority, the power and the purpose to do cool stuff that will change the world. You don’t need a hundred million Instagram followers or a hundred million dollars to change the world, you just need to be aware that His power makes you able to do it. You are filled with this power, a lightning bolt that was shot out with sure and accurate aim. He doesn’t arrange clouds and speak in thunder on accident. That dream in your heart is not there by accident. That depth of the sea is not around you by accident. That light inside of you wasn’t placed there by accident. You are on purpose, filled with purpose and equipped with the power of Jesus to change everything. Just say Yes.

Xx Mariah

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This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing and encouraging us! ?

Cynthia Johnson


Thank you for speaking the gospel. It makes my soul hum with awakening power to keep on believing to keep on having the faith. Bless you.

Bricel Berkoh


Wow! Very well said! Thank you for that word! May God continue to use you in a mighty way! : )

Anyssa Rae


Beyond encouraging. ❤️



Sooooo good Mariah. So good!



WOW. Just WOW. Thanks, Mariah.
Your posts are above the rest, because you post about JESUS. What can be greater than that ?. God bless your ministry.
Shine bright.

Christine Anna


This resonated with me so much. Thank you so much! This was such a blessing ❤️



Mariah Thankyou so much for this message! It touched me in a special way because I could relate to absolutely everything you wrote here. Thankyou for this encouragement. You are truly a light. God bless you, I love you, you are so wise ❤️



Blessed, Blessed, Blessed. Your love for Jesus. I’m just so happy, tears of joy. Continue what you doing. This is what our young adults needs to hear. Living a Jesus life. Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us each and every day of our lives. Knowing who you are in Christ. What He did for us and our value in him. We are nothing without Jesus. Mariah I’m so excited for you. You are dynamite. Stay blessed. I love your beautiful heart. World changer!!!Go for it!!!!Mwah

Naomi Bethanna


Really encouraging! Came on here for a random click about but loving everything you post!

krystal wanjiru


This is my current life situation !! Thank you for the encouragement .
Am still working up my faith ladder and this just made me feel renewed !! 🙂



Wow wow wow this blessed me so much! It’s nice to know there’s another introvert in the Christian world that is pursuing their purpose around my age. It’s funny, it’s like everything you went through I am still going through but having quite gotten that I am a lightning bolt until now. There’s so much power in this message. Thank you! ☺

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