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“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” proverbs 27

Some of my favorite photos of Audrey Hepburn are the ones with a scarf in her hair, high wasted denim and a tank top. I love gowns, chandelier earrings, high heels and glamour… But there’s something to be said for denim on denim, hot summer days, popsicles in hand and adventure on your mind.  I loved running around my favorite city in this jacket I found at the melrose trading post in LA – some of my best pieces are from flea markets. My tank top is from Forever 21, I wear it pretty much everyday. If there’s one basic item I can’t live without it’s a lacy tank top that goes with everything from mom jeans to tea skirts. My shorts are so comfy and from american apparel, and the shoes are the greatest find on earth at asos.

This weekend I got to travel to nashville to speak to some amazing young women, and also spend time with some of my closest friends in the world. I know that a lot of you saw my photos from the trip on instagram! A lot of them taken by the fantastic Stephi Valez of – my most favorite website on the whole internet. Stephi is the most compassionate, talented, wildly creative mind that inspires me daily, and soul that encourages constantly. I implore you to check out her site… She’s one of the best.

I loved spending time, serving God, eating too much ice cream and laughing every moment. But even between the donuts and the laughs- there were tears. There were tough conversations and real moments that were shared. Sometimes, we get into this routine of work, home, work, home. We get so tired that at the end of the day, I usually just want to be alone. In my loft with hot tea and the bachelorette (which i actually can’t watch alone anymore because Byron is SUPER into it – he’ll deny if you ask, but it’s the truth). And as necessary as it is to spend time alone, with yourself and with God, I think it’s equally as important to surround yourself with a – as the kids say- squad. Who will fight for you in your life? Who will text you right when you need it because they ask God to keep their ears open for you? Who is going to worship with you when you don’t even have the strength to raise your hands… who’s door can you knock on in the middle of the night? For me- I had to pray for these kinds of people. I was a little island, and still have the habit of isolating myself at times. But this weekend I was reminded that, in the midst of it all, God gives us people that are an extension of His love. The biggest trick of the enemy is lying to you that you’re alone, no one cares and your not worthy of people’s love and time. If that’s how you feel – please know that’s a really big lie. Iron sharpens iron, and scheduling time to let your hair down and put some records on with the people you love is a major key.

I’m feeling full and thankful, reminded that even in the stress of life and the chaos of the character of reality – His strength is so tangible. Even in just the reminder that He loves us enough to not want us to be alone. Hold your friends close, and if you find yourself feeling like you don’t really have those people you can count us, trust, and love unconditionally – pray for them. I’ve been there and I understand. But honestly, until then, know that you’ve got a friend in me. xx Mariah




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