Twirl, Babygirl

Hey Friends! Currently, I regret to tell you, I’m sitting in… starbucks. Which is my emergency only coffee shop. (For my houston friends, I’ll do a list of my favorite, small business coffee shops in the city soon.)  I was on my way to work when I got the call that I didn’t have to come in until later today… let’s just say I was so happy and thankful I got a little extra time to myself… Today I was thinking about so many things. I often write to you all about perspective, and the importance of seeing your circumstances with different eyes… A big picture mindset. But today, it felt like everything was just a big disaster. Every worst case scenario just playing over and over in my mind like a bad commercial with the worst jingle you can’t get out of your mind. I felt like a zombie today, walking straight through life, not caring about perspective, or the roses or the sunshine. I just wanted to get back into bed and sleep until everything in life seems better…

But then I took a second to think about why I would be feeling so empty… The sun is out, Byron is by my side, I have a job, I have a family, I love God. What’s wrong with me?

God then nudged me in my heart and whispered “Twirl, baby girl….” It didn’t make sense at first. But then I thought of when I was younger, my dad and I would always spend time together and if I ever had a hard day at school, or even just down in my heart- we would go for a walk and just talk through life. He would hold my finger, lift it up in the air and tell me to twirl. My dress would billow, the wind would fly through my hair, and I felt like a little ballerina. That tradition carried over into my adulthood and no matter how old I get, I’ll always let my dad twirl me around…

I know that God was reminding me today to never be too big, too stressed, too overwhelmed to twirl. Let the wind blow and get a good look at what’s happening around me. It’s like He wanted me to spin to my left and right to recognize that He’s got this. There’s no area of our lives that surprise God, catch Him off guard or worry Him. He’s constantly master tailoring every facet of our lives so that we can just put our trust in Him and only plant our seeds that’s in our bucket for the day.

I don’t know what you’re going through today… what’s on your mind or in your heart. But if you’re anything like me – sometimes it’s difficult to just really take a moment to recognize how much we really don’t need to worry.

So go in your closet, put on a dress, go for a walk and do a little twirl, babygirl. Look at the beauty around you, look at what God is doing for you in your life. Whatever is lovely, whatever is pure -stare at THAT. Glance at the rest. He’s got you. He’s got us.

xx M

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Deyanira Hurtado


beautiful beautiful! thank God for these amazing words put in you, Mariah!



Absolutely beautiful. Stunning. Well said and well written. Proud of you sweet girl. So so proud. Love you always. AJ

Sandra Reyes


I needed this! Thank you my beautiful Sister in Christ! ❤️ #AllIsWellInMySoul



Simply trust. Your understanding of God has been shaped by your loving parents. I thank God that you have trusted God and have entrusted your heart to the One who will never fail you. Thank you for sharing your heart without reservation.

Tiffany Holbert


Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your words and your heart!

Sharonda Cawthon


This was very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Margo Smith


Sweet! And on time! I miss you, “Sparkle.” You just helped to brighten my day.❤️

Jamie B.


Mariah! All I’ve got to say is – Thank Jesus Christ our savior for people like you ❤️

Alvin Renaud


Very encouraging, blessings to you



Yes! Love this!!

Juliana Valencia


I literally needed this so much. God is so good and reminds me of his faithfulness. Thank you Mariah for being such a beautiful soul! ❤



That post blessed my Soul. You are a wise and spiritual being. I wish you nothing less than God’s peace and supernatural blessing over your life.



Going through a hard time and seriously needed this reminder. Thank you for your blog post! They always make my day!



Thank you I really needed this words today….I had a rough start this morning but this words gave me comfort.



I’m really going through hard time but reading this gave me hope. Thank you for those kind warming words 🙂 x

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