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“God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish.”
Philippians 1:6

Today, I woke up feeling tired, weary, disappointed in myself and devastatingly unmotivated. Just finding it to be a challenge to remember the sparrows and find the bright side. Some days it’s hard to fight off the lies from hell… but I got out of bed, washed my face, and started cleaning, organizing and redecorating (a normal occurrence in my loft). And then Jesus impressed something upon my heart. Just because my loft needs work – some polishing, some more furniture and organizing – doesn’t mean

I’m just going to forget about it and move out. No! I’m going to spend even more time here, using all the energy I can to make it beautiful so that I can invest into others and use it as a place of healing and worship. I’ll keep rearranging things for awhile because I want it to be the best it can be. I have a vision for my space, for my life, and I know that it won’t be a perfect apartment overnight – if ever! Just because it’s not perfect yet doesn’t mean I’m just going to move back to my parent’s house.

I feel like that’s what Jesus does for us. I want to be a space, a vessel, that Jesus can use. But most times fear, failure, sin and humanity can make a mess inside. God doesn’t just leave me and move out and stop using me (just like I wouldn’t move out of my loft when there’s dishes in the sink).

God still uses us in progress. In the polishing, the decorating, the vacuuming. He doesn’t wait until we’re perfect. It’s His presence and design that makes us worth using, worth living in and loving.

He uses you. He lives in your space and loves you while He’s working. Trust Him with every dirty dish, every unmade bed, every pile of laundry. He lives with the carefree AND the brokenhearted. Wherever you are in process, know He doesn’t leave you or wait for you to be a perfect house to live in. He loves living in you, using you, decorating you and perfecting you in His image. He’s (drake voice) faithful faithful faithful, faithful to finish what He’s started in you.

He will never move out, He will never stop designing.

xx Mariah




Beautiful said! ?



So amazing! So powerful! You are so talented.



Might I be the FIRST to comment and say tu es belle. I love your “in process” heart and life more than you know. So proud of this.

Monica Shantell


Beautiful words Mariah. I really enjoyed this. Very inspirational. I love the presentation of your sight as well: very bright and welcoming. Pleasant. I will return….



Thank you for this post!? Your writing is going a long way & helping others. Don’t stop writing… You are being used and inspiring others. I just relocated to Houston, Tx from Cali…and I was feeling overwhelmed because of change, out of my comfort zone, and because I have tons of boxes and didn’t know where to start! But your post has reminded me that God doesn’t leave us! I know he will be there every step of the way….even when it feels like my home is a mess….?



Thank you for being transparent answer sharing this! Looking forward to more.



Needed this…thank you!



Love, love love this!! Thanks for reminding me that God is an amazing artist! He is my creator, my designer and I am created in His image. Therefore I shall design a life I Love!!!

Cristy Crisostomo


Beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness and unconditional love.



Ah love this !! So much of my heart . Thanks for this



Hi there! I really enjoyed this post a whole lot. It is something my heart needed to hear today. I can’t wait to read more on your beautiful blog! God bless you xo

Enibe Ebubechukwu


Just needed this… Thank you Mariah



Really needed to read this. Thank you x



Wonderful post, how eloquent you are



Merçi beaucoup for this post. I love how you make a connection with what goes on in our everyday lives with the word of God. Keep shining for him. Love you loads!?

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You actually reported it perfectly.



Beautiful message <3

Where did you get the "It Is Well" pictures? I've looked all over to no avail… thank you 🙂

Mariah Houghton

Mariah Houghton


They’re tagged on my instagram!! xx thanks for stopping by

Cheraldina Mae Planas


Wow. This is amazing! Thank you Jesus for sticking with us in every season of our lives for being soo soo patient with us. This is L O V E! <3
Thank's Mariah! You inspire me 🙂 God bless you more and more! 🙂



Beautiful!! <33

krystal wanjiru


This is definitely one of my favourite .. thanks for writing this I really needed it

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