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Fragrance is special. It can bring forgotten memories to life in a moment. It can remind you where you come from, who you knew, why you were there. My cousin-in-law Tara often changes her perfume but when she wears the perfume she wore when I first met her – it immediately brings me back to that day.

Perfume can bring you back to a feeling, a time, an era. It can also inspire you to go somewhere new, fresh, unknown. I have acquired quite the collection of perfume over the years and I’ve found some timeless favorites I’ll always purchase again. My little perfume vanity was one of the first things I set up in my new home. I hope you enjoy these favorites and comment below your favorite perfumes I’d love to try them! x

Subrosa Sel Vanille 

SPICE: An evocative blend of star anise, manuka honey mingled with white charcoal. 

I found this on a whim at Anthropologie during Christmas time. In the link above it says no longer available on Anthro’s website, but I have seen it at local stores and I snagged mine on sale! I hope it comes back around or that another website will sell it! The matching lotion is also heavenly.

Next is Le Labo Fragrance’s Santal 33.

SPICE: Cardamom, Iris, violet, ambrox. Australian sandalwood, papyrus and cedar wood.

 If I had to choose one perfume for the rest of my life, it would probably be this one. This perfume lasts on my skin all day and it’s worth every penny to me. If you don’t know about Le Labo, I did a post featuring my visit there! Click here to read it!


Flora by Gucci 

FLORAL: Red berries, white gardenia, frangipani flower, brown sugar.

Flora by Gucci is one of the newbies on my vanity. It’s classic, floral, springy. I can’t wait to break this out closer to the spring time!

Marc Jacobs Cotton 

CLEAN (Lightly Floral + Woody): Bergamot, jasmine, cotton accords and musk.

I have to say this perfume surprised me. It’s probably the cleanest, most ideal scent I own. I want a million candles to smell like this, I want to pipe this scent into my air vents, I want to wash my clothes in it! I often find myself spraying way too many pumps of it in the morning but I can’t help it! It’s clean, comforting and simple.


SPICE: Black pepper, juniper berries, leather accord, orris, violet, black amber, patchouli and vanilla.

I would say that 1996 probably means the most to me. I found this perfume the week of my 21st birthday at a shop in Los Angeles. 1996 is the year I was born, so that was cute and the name of the company BYREDO is mysteriously similar to my husband’s name Byron Rideau. It was just all too perfect. And then I smelled 1996. I was transported somewhere I’ve never been, but wanted to go to. Somewhere in the future, close, but still a mystery. I only wear 1996 on special occasions and it brings me back to Los Angeles, on my birthday with my family, my love by my side. I felt that between the spicy, almost masculine scent, the name BYREDO and the fact it was called 1996, it was made for me.


Marc Jacobs DAISY

FLORAL: Wild strawberry, velvety, violet petals, gardenia and jasmine.

This is an OG Perfume I just added back to my collection. It’s comfortingly fresh and clean and I know I’ll wear it all through the summer!

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede AND Orange Blossom.

Peony and Blush Suede, FLORAL. Peony, red apple, jasmine, rose and gillyflower.

Orange Blossom, FLORAL. Clementine flower, orange blossom, water lily, orris, balsamic vetiver.

I love both of the scents and can’t recommend them enough. Jo Malone does an incredible job at creating extremely complex fragrances simple enough to wear every day. They are artfully crafted and lovely.

Miss Dior Cherie + Ralph Lauren Romance

I had to give a shoutout to these two. Consider it an honorable mention. They are classics! My dad bought me Miss Dior Cherie when I was 13 in Paris. Ralph Lauren Romance is one of the first perfumes I ever stole from my Aunt’s bathroom counter. I don’t wear either of them much anymore, but I keep them to remind me of a simpler time- I just love them both.

I hope you all enjoyed this little post about my fav scents! Don’t forget to comment your favorites below + let me know what other posts you’d like to see on my site!




Love these and I’ll have to find a way to display mine. A few of my faves are J’dor by Christian Dior, Eros by Gucci, and the Pure Seduction rollerball from Victoria’s Secret.



they all sound like they smell amazing! I’ll defintiely have to try a few!

Ruth Moyano


I love you so much ♥️ I love these little blogs you take the time to write. It feels like even though we don’t know each other and you have no idea who I am ( even though internally I wish were besties ). Feels nice o get to know the things pure into and love !



I too am a perfume fanatic??‍♀️ I love clean, fresh smells! So my favorite perfumes are:
Versace Bright Crystal (Absolu)
Acqua Di Gioia
Burberry Brit Rhythm
Marc Jacob’s Daisy
Marc Jacob’s Daisy Fresh
Marc Jacob’s Oh Lola
Vera Wang Lovestruck



love! I am a frangrance lover! A perfume i would recommend would be Chanel Eau Tendré!! It’s crisp, lightly sweet, fresh, and clean! It’s perfect! Hope you enjoy it if you get a sample or buy it!



Glad this is happening!
The daisy collection by Marc Jacob is an all time fave of mine. ❤



Good girl gone bad
Only at Saks



I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs too and euphoria by Calvin Clain! Those are the ones I’m using right now. Both are lovely ? Blessings Mariah! ?

Jody Hamilton


We wear many of the same fragrances so you would probably like Erin Lauder Hisbiscus Palm and Honeysuckle Mediterranean❤️. Thank you sharing.



I deff want to try some of these, I am always on the hunt for my next favorite perfume! As of now the perfume I SWEAR by is Alien, OMG. This perfume stays on unlike others and smells amazing!

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